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    Paul Wedde


    How to get level?
    Just be active on our TeamSpeak³ and get your levels!

    If you want to know, when you will get your next rank – Just send !Nextup to the Ranksystem.

    What you can do with your lvl:

    from lvl 5 =
    – you can set your own avatar!

    from lvl 10 =
    – You are allowed to create Semi Permanent Channels.
    – You are allowed to create private channels.
    – You can dispense with passwords in your own channel.
    – You can apply for your own individual permanent channel.

    from lvl 20 =
    – Your are allowed to send messages to Desinger, Content, JrSupporter and Supporter cover letter

    from lvl 30 =
    – You can send a message to moderators.

    from lvl 40 =
    – You can only be pinned by higher level types.
    – You were no longer moved if you mute yourselve.

    from lvl 50 =
    – You are allowed to send messages to the Administration.
    – Can you ignore passwords in channels.



    With the BoostRank you have a double time boost for the rank system for 1 hour!
    How do I get such a “boost rank”?
    Either you win a event and at the same time you can win the VIP rank
    or you buy yourselve the VIP rank!

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